Red and Me, By Bill Russell


Red and MeThis post will age me but I need to add a little background along with my review of this book.   During my younger days (middle school through college) I had many “heated” debates with my friends focused on who who was the best center in the NBA.  I always maintained that Wilt Chamberlain was a better player based on his amazing statistics (100 points scored in a single game) and his dominance on the boards.  Unfortunately for me and my opinion, Bill Russell and the Boston Celtics won all of  NBA titles.  The rivalry between “Wilt the Stilt” and Bill Russell was ultimately settled in the number of world championships that each could claim.  Based on that metric, there is no comparison and I must finally admit that Bill Russell was the superior center! 

Red and Me tells the touching story of Bill Russell’s friendship with his mentor and coach Red Auerbach.  With the appropriate amount of respect given to Phil Jackson (i.e. Michael Jordan), Red was by far the best coach in NBA history.  Bill and Red combined for eleven championships in thirteen years.  The book describes the unique friendship between these men by describing their lives apart and together both on and off the court.  If you love the game of basketball and want to learn about the greatest dynasty in NBA history this is the book for you!

5/5 Stars (Posted by Jon)


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