Worlds Collide by Alison Strobel


This book was recommended to me by my friend, Jess.  She read it and loved it and thought that I would feel the same.  She was right!

It is another book where each chapter is written from one of the main character’s point of view.  Again, each chapter is simply titled with that character’s name.  I am really beginning to enjoy books written from this perspective!

Jada Eastman is a writer in Hollywood and has written several biogrpahies and has helped some actors write their memoirs.  She has been asked to help Jack and Grace Harrington tell their story.  This turns out to be a life changing experiencing for her.

The chapters in the book go back and forth between Grace and Jack telling their stories.  Both stories center around how they came to meet each other and how they came to know God.  Grace and Jack have an amazing love story – not just between the two of them, but also with God.  Both of them struggle with the Christian lifestyle and their faith.  Once they find it and embrace it, it makes all the difference.  Their marriage thrives and they turn others to Him.  But, just as the Bible tells us, their life is not free from suffering.  Even through the suffering, Grace and Jack continue to bring others to Christ and stay strong in their faith, marriage, and family.

Jada also struggles while she is listening to Grace and Jack’s story.  She wants nothing to do with  God and thinks that the whole “God thing” is a joke.  After listening to the Harrington’s story, how can anyone not want to be involved in this “God thing”?

I had never read a Christian fiction book before.  I really enjoyed it.  Relating to the characters was very easy.  As they walked in their faith, I was able to see steps that I had taken or am taking.  It was pretty amazing.  Highly recommended book – 5 out of 5 stars! (of course, would I post about anything less?)

(posted by Wendy)


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  1. 1 Meghan

    Wendy, I somehow seem to be keeping pace with you. We always seem to post within a couple days of each other! I think we are definitely earning ourselves some Pizza Hut! 🙂 Thanks for being a reading buddy!

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