A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller, take two


Here I go again, reading and posting about a book that has already been read.  Sorry.

I really liked this book.  It took me a little getting in to but then I sat and read the last 150 pages, of 250, in basically one sitting.  As Jeff has discussed previously, this book is another Don Miller auto-biography about living life as Don Miller.  To recap, he was approached by two movie producers to make his previous book, Blue Like Jazz, into a film.  They go about re-writing the life of “Don,” now a somewhat fictional character, to make it a watchable movie.  He discusses how he felt trying to make this fictional life more interesting and into someone you would actually care what happens to.  In the process he tried to metamorphose his own life in the same way.

He goes on many adventures in this book and it is one of those that you want to go and do something great and worthy as soon as you put it down.  We went to play frisbee golf in Lebanon… it’s a start.  It really makes you think about the story your life is telling.  I have thought of this idea of the story of your life somewhat before, gave a presentation on it in Med School even.  Such an intriguing yet mystifying concept.  I think that is in some part because the story of your life rests largely on those around you, for which you have little control.  So it seems that in the story of writing your life, you have little control.  He gives many analogies to God writing our lives and how we try to take control of them.  So this book in some way ends up being about free will vs predetermination.  Don Miller is definitely a free will guy.

But he is a good storyteller.  In the same way, however, he makes you feel like it wouldn’t be such a leap to do what he does.  I guess the people who are best at what they do make it look easy.  I saw a YouTube video once (thanks to someone out there) about two guys who went to meet Don Miller because you’d think he would just be someone you would be friends with if you’ve read his books.  Easy to do life with.  Like life’s not so hard to do.  If we just did it.  At one point in the book, Don meets a family that lives out in the woods.  They had kayaked in, so when he was leaving them from their dock, as he paddled away the whole family jumped in fully clothed to wave good-bye.  How do we become people that live life that way and create the memories that make a good story?

Highly recommend, 5 out of 5 stars. (Post by Meghan)


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