Tokyo Disney Made Easy by Kevin Yee


I’ll keep this short since I know it’s not something you’re going to run to the bookstore, er, Internet, to purchase.

In just six short weeks, I’m heading to Asia to experience this Tokyo Disney phenomenon. The ever-educated traveler, I wanted to learn more about my destination. Sadly, this is the only book I could find.

I’m sorry, but I already know how to make a hotel reservation, and that I need to pack enough underwear. I also didn’t need to be told that to convert 24-hour time to ‘normal’ time, you just subtract 12 from the big number. While I am admittedly a travel snob, I think this is a bit elementary for even the least experienced traveler.

The book wasn’t all bad, though. There were helpful tips on Japanese customs, such as handing a cashier your credit card with both hands, and that tipping can be seen as offensive by the Japanese people. I also found the information on transportation between the airport and Disney resort area to be helpful.

Perhaps I will write my own book upon returning…

2.5/5 stars. Posted by Steph.


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