Let Justice Roll Down by John Perkins


I didn’t read this book in a day.  Was reading it in between the others and just finished it today.  I have had it on my list for awhile but I thought it was more academic.  Not that that’s a reason not to read it, just more brain power required and different frame of mind.  But it really is more of an autobiography by John Perkins.

Some background.  I think I first really heard of John Perkins through CCHF, Christian Community Healthcare Fellowship, which he helped start.  CCHF is also how I found this clinic in Memphis that I am rotating at right now.  And the guest house that I am living in.  Which housed the bookshelf which housed this book.  So it is fitting that I read it here, in this place.

It is also fitting because we have been learning quite a bit about race since we’ve been here.  Largely from the Civil Rights Museum where MLK, Jr was shot.  And talking to people.  We are about 15 minutes north of Mississippi, where John Perkins grew up and the majority of this book takes place.  He had a rough childhood, albeit probably pretty typical for a black person in the South in that time.  Unfortunately.  He went away to California, but then felt called to come back and be in community with his fellow men in Mississippi.  He is very gifted in doing life and thinking about it and sharing about it.  He is a modern day prophet (or saint as the book cover would say).

I have seen Dr. Perkins speak a couple times at conferences and he is much less to the point than in his writing, but definitely has the spirit in him.  Frankly, after learning what we have while here, he is lucky to be alive.  But our world is so much the better for him surviving and preaching on forgiveness and restoration.  And justice.

It’s hard to evaluate someone’s life in the star system, so I guess I’ll say 5/5 for an amazing man. (post by Meghan)


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