Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese



This book was really fabulous.  I would rank it up there with Gabriel Garcia Marquez, who is my favorite author.  It is written by a doctor and has a fair amount of medical stuff in it, but it is not written for health professionals by any means.

It follows the life story of a man born at a mission in Ethiopia where he lives until after finishing medical school when he leaves to go to America.  The thing is though, that it really isn’t about that at all.  It is just about life. It is full of all different kinds of relationships and Verghese does a superb job depicting all of the different personalities walking around in this book.

It is wonderfully written and I am already planning on reading it again at some point (which I have only ever done one other time in my life- that is really saying something!).  The one thing is that it is quite long (670 pages) and it did take me awhile to get through with a break to study for boards in the middle.

Goes without saying 5/5 stars! -and as a bonus is available from the library on the kindle in Marion County!  (post by Meghan)


One Response to “Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese”

  1. I just finished this after picking it as my selection for my book club. Love it too! Just loaded it onto my Dad’s kindle for him.

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