Island of the Lost Girls by Jennifer McMahon



I was busy reading this last week because we went on vacation!  Lots of sun and sand in Marco Island, FL.  I actually read this book and the one I will post next (The Late, Lamented Molly Marx) at the same time because this one was on the kindle on the ipad but I didn’t want to take that to the beach.  The other book was a real, live book- which I hadn’t actually read in awhile so it was kind of nice 🙂

It’s hard not to compare this book to the other since I read them at the same time, but this one was better.  However, I just had read an amazing book (Cutting for Stone, see last post) and this one didn’t even come close to that.  But I was looking for light vacation reading and these could both fit in that category.

This is the story about a little girl who goes missing and it is basically a mystery to figure out who took her, where she is, etc.  It flashes from present time to about 20 years earlier in the life of the main character.  As more of the past is revealed you figure out what is going on in the present (at least you think you do).  In that sense, it is a page turner because you want to figure out those connections.  I think there were sort of a lot of characters and you juggle them from the past to present (but I was also reading two books at the same time… and they both did this- so it seemed like 4 times the characters to figure out!).  You are trying to keep straight who is related to who and who did what 20 years ago.

This isn’t a super light read like I mentioned (it is about a girl being taken) but a quick easy read nonetheless.  3.5/5 stars.  (post by meghan)


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