The Late, Lamented Molly Marx by Sally Koslow



The last book of my reading tirade.  Just trying to stay up on my one book/month average and that 670 pager and boards got me behind!  So, as I mentioned this one was one with real pages and binding and all that literary greatness.  Except that’s about where the literary greatness of this book ended. 

I should’ve known from reading the back cover- this was definitely chic lit- but so many other books I have on the shelf are so weighty.  Good books I am sure, but not for the beach.  So I wanted superficial and got it.  Not a book of high moral standards- not trashy really, but just superficial.  I probably would’ve stopped reading if I wasn’t in FL and didn’t have anything else.

Molly Marx is the main character but the first scene is at her funeral.  She apparently is hanging out in this place called the Duration where she can watch the lives of those that were in her life and hear what they are thinking.  Every other chapter is a flashback to her real life that leads you up to her death.  There is an investigation under way to solve the mystery of her death, but I wouldn’t necessarily call this a mystery novel by any means.  The end, I thought, was stupid.  A tiny bit suspenseful, but poorly written.

If I haven’t talked you out of reading this book yet, 1/5 stars.  (post by meghan)


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