The Happiest Baby on the Block by Dr. Harvey Karp


Well, if you follow our other blog at all, then you know we have entered the parenthood stage of life.  So my reading selection is going to start looking like this sometimes.  This book was our last ditch effort to know what to do when our little girl came.  Well, she’s here and we’ve tested the book out- luckily we don’t have a terrible crier (at least not yet) but the tips from this book give us something to do when she is crying, other than just cry ourselves (not to say there won’t be that as well…).

If you are going to have a kid, I think you should read this book before they come.  Not when you’re 3 months pregnant or anything, but before they come.  Maybe I should say, skim this book.  Or have a 10 minute conversation with someone who has read the book.  I think that’s about how much actual content there is, but he manages to stretch it into over 100 pages (I read it on the Kindle, not sure how many pages there actually are).

Here it is:

There are 5 S’s.  Do them the right way in the right order and your baby will stop crying.  They simulate the womb and until 3 months of age, our babies still really would prefer womb-like atmosphere.

Swaddle, put on side/stomach position, shhhh, swing, and suck.

There they are, you’re welcome.

They do seem to work at least so far, so do I give it 5 stars for that?  I’ll say 4 stars/5 because really the book repeats itself nonstop and could probably be only a little longer than this blog post and you’d get about 90% of it. (post by Meghan)


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