Love Does by Bob Goff




This book was fantastic.  It was very inspiring to do love better.  The author, Bob Goff, has a pretty amazing life, but writes about it in a refreshingly mundane way- in a way that makes you *almost* think you can also fly around the world and do some pretty awesome things.  Or have a cabin in BC, Canada with waterfalls in the distance and dripping in pure nature.  This story has a lot of chapters of cool stories from Bob’s life and then how he relates that to Christ, his walk with Christ, sharing Christ with others, etc.  Some stories are really amazing things, but a lot are more ordinary.

He’s like a living pinterest board- he is actually DOING all those cool things we just pin.  And he probably wouldn’t be spending time sitting around on pinterest either.  That’s precious living time.  I’m only 30-something and this book makes me tired!  I heard an interview with his on the Relevant Podcast and he just IS energy- I don’t know how some people were given so much!  I have a feeling that cabin in the woods I mentioned has something to do with it.  Work hard, play hard, REST!

I think this book would be good for anyone to read, just to see a different way of doing life than most of us are doing.  Not to do the things he is doing exactly, more just to see a different way.  It is easy to get used to life and they way it is where we live, with the people mostly similar to us, and the expectations that we and others have on what our life should look like.  This book reminds you that it is actually YOUR life and you can make it look like whatever you want.  And if you follow Jesus, you can make a radical difference for Him by doing it.  I found this book much more radical than the book Radical I reviewed earlier.  Yet this one isn’t necessarily a call to action- maybe it is, just one put in different terms.  And by a guy that most certainly is walking the walk.

Goes without saying I’m sure, but 5/5 from me!  (post by meghan)


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