The Lacuna by Barbara Kingsolver



This was sort of one last chance for Barbara Kingsolver for me.  I loved The Poisonwood Bible and then didn’t love Flight Behavior as one of my more recent posts explains.  For me, this was more like the Poisonwood Bible.  Not sure where the other book came from- written differently and completely different tone it seemed.  This one also harkened to One Hundred Years of Solitude, another of my favorite books.

The book follows the main character, Harrison Shepherd, from childhood from Mexico to America back to Mexico and finally back in America.  He is bystander to some significant history, although he is completely fiction.  Written in a completely believable way with what I thought was some beautiful prose.  I love the way she writes (most of the time!).

I did think the middle of the book got a bit long, which is why I haven’t finished a book in several months (last post in September!).  I better get going this year to average one book/month.  Once I got past half way it went much faster to get in to it.  That usually happens for me, but with 500 pages it takes awhile to get to that half way point!

So I’ll keep reading and hope that Kingsolver keeps going with books like these!  4.5/5 stars.  (post by Meghan)



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