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I already admitted to reading the first one, so… yeah, I kept reading.  I have now read 2 of 4 of the twilight series.  I wouldn’t be surprised if I end up reading all 4.  But not yet.  It’s like trying not to hear about Lost with all the movies coming out. I was warned […]

Being that I love to read it and it is summer (my time off since I’m a teacher), I have been desperately looking for a new book to read. (I have successfully reread several books in my time off so far.) I was at a friend’s house the other day and decided to raid her […]

I have not read any classics outside of what I was required to read in high school English. So when I purchased a Kindle DX about 3 months ago, was pleased to discover many classics are available from amazon for free. Set in England at a time when property could not be owned by women,  […]

This book was a quick read, and for that it gets props.  Although I recently learned that one of my friends at one point read 2 1/2 500 page books in a day, so I guess for her, anything is a quick read.  Not the case for me. This is a girly book, I’ll give […]

I haven’t officially finished this book yet, but I’d say I’m far enough along to blog about it.  It took me a little longer than I had hoped– maybe I should’ve called it OnebookTwomonths, but that just isn’t as catchy.  I’m really close though… This book is about a man who suffers from an unrequited […]