The goal of this blog is to share what we are reading.  If we are reading the same things, great.  If we read different things, even better.  The goal is to create a community of readers sharing what we learn.  Recommend good books, shun bad ones.  You don’t have to finish the book to post.  You could’ve read the first page and decided you just had to share it.  The more people we have speaking, the more encouraged and empowered we will all be to read and share more.  There is no penalty if you don’t post, it would just be nice.

Join us.  Become an author of posts on this blog:

  1. Follow the link on the right-hand side to wordpress.com.
  2. Click on Sign up now at top of page.
  3. Select a username for yourself (that you will not be able to change) and fill in the rest of the information.  Select “Just a username, please” unless you want to create your own separate blog as well.  Click next.
  4. You will have to confirm registration in the email that is sent to you.  Now you are wordpress official.
  5. Send me an email (meghanleannemiller@gmail.com) saying you would like to join and give me the email address that you used to register yourself.  I will add you as an author so you can add posts whenever you want.  Also let me know if you have your own blog that you would like linked to this site.
  6. When you log in at http://wordpress.com, you will now have a dashboard that includes this blog.  On the left-hand side you will find the Add New Post option.  This can also be found across the top of the site.
  7. Speak.  Let us know you’re there.
  8. Notes for posting:
  • I would recommend titling the post with the name and author of the book.
  • It would also be nice to find a pic of the book if you can.  I usually just search using images.google.com.
  • Add which genre category (or categrories) the book would be in by clicking the boxes on the right-hand side.  (The meta categrory is for talking about the blog rather than a book.)
  • Include who you are somewhere in the post because for some reason, it doesn’t show the author of posts.
  • Make sure to Publish your posts so we can all see them– blue button on the right-hand side.

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