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I could probably write a hundred observations about this book, maybe more. The first being this book is thick. Thick in its number of pages and thick in its artistic portrayals of people, places, and ponderings… which is why it took me so long to get through it, though I was completely captivated from beginning […]

I have not read any classics outside of what I was required to read in high school English. So when I purchased a Kindle DX about 3 months ago, was pleased to discover many classics are available from amazon for free. Set in England at a time when property could not be owned by women,  […]

I started this series Memorial Day weekend and finished it yesterday. It is a series of 5 books. The premise behind the series is that the Greek gods and goddesses are real, still exist, and have affairs with people which produce  children, called demi-gods. In the first book, we are introduced to the hero, Perseus […]

I really don’t want to make a habit of re-blogging books that have already been covered, but I guess this sort of adds to the discussion as well.  I finally read this book (thanks for the inspiration Wendy).  My cover was this one with the characters from the movie in it.  Can anyone tell me […]

This book was recommended to me by my friend, Jess.  She read it and loved it and thought that I would feel the same.  She was right! It is another book where each chapter is written from one of the main character’s point of view.  Again, each chapter is simply titled with that character’s name.  […]