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Yikes. My last book blog post was over nine months ago. “He ought to be ashamed,” you’re thinking. Yes, I ought. But if any book would be worthy of bringing me back into the blogging world, this would be it. I thoroughly enjoyed this tale of wander and wonder. Donald Miller recounts the story of […]

Perhaps you’re a guy, and you find yourself at a bookstore because secretly you enjoy reading, but you are dismayed because it seems that every book that lines the shelves and makes it to the bestseller list is geared towards women (or at least has a very feminine looking cover). Do you want to be […]

This is a little late seeing as how I read this back in November and now I probably don’t even remember most of it… but I do remember how much I enjoyed reading it… couldn’t put it down actually. Donald Miller has always been a favorite author of mine. From the first time I read […]

Man, where is everybody? Did you guys all take a reading hiatus or something? I know, I know… it’s been awhile since you’ve seen anything from me either. Well, although a repost, here’s something to get things rolling again. 😉 Meghan read this back in June and her review of it inspired me to pick […]

Alright, so now it’s my turn to add a couple cents of my own to the coinage that’s already been collected about this book. I’m not going to resummarize the plot or recycle the commentary that’s already been posted (for that, just click here or here). Instead, I’ll just say that I enjoyed it and […]

I could probably write a hundred observations about this book, maybe more. The first being this book is thick. Thick in its number of pages and thick in its artistic portrayals of people, places, and ponderings… which is why it took me so long to get through it, though I was completely captivated from beginning […]

After reading Jesus for President, a book that challenged my faith and proved to be quite convicting, I decided I needed a break from the deep and spiritually-formative genre. I don’t think I could’ve have gone much further in the opposite direction than I did in choosing this New York Times bestseller, a series of […]