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This was sort of one last chance for Barbara Kingsolver for me.  I loved The Poisonwood Bible and then didn’t love Flight Behavior as one of my more recent posts explains.  For me, this was more like the Poisonwood Bible.  Not sure where the other book came from- written differently and completely different tone it […]

But I haven’t been blogging. I’m not sure how many hours I spent on airplanes over the last couple months, but it’s more than I care to calculate. The airplane time, coupled with the fab iPad birthday gift have led me to be above average when it comes to the One Book, One Month Challenge. […]

I really didn’t know this book was a movie when it was first recommended to me by Jess.  The copy she loaned to me was big and hardback, so I thought it would sit on the shelf for awhile.  But it intrigued me and I had a big vacation coming, so I decided to give […]

This book is a classic of African-American literature.  The quote by Alice Walker on the front cover that you probably can’t read says “There is no book more important than this one.”  I guess that’s not worth much if you don’t appreciate Alice Walker, and I can’t say it is the “most important” book, but […]

After having read this book a second time, it is still definitely in the running for one of my favorite books of all time.  It has slower parts, but as a whole it is almost like reading poetry.  It was originally written in Spanish and is one of the reasons I want to learn Spanish- […]

It feels so sweet to finally finish a book!!  I think I started and stopped two or three before I finally settled on this one and then it took me a bit to get through it.  I was stuck in a 1,000 page book, so I wanted something shorter… a 550 page book might not […]

The Chosen is a gripping “coming of age” tale about two Jewish boys. Their common heritage allows them to be friends, but differing interpretations of the requirements of that heritage make the boys a strange pair. Danny Saunder’s and his families strict adherence to the Hasidic tradition require Danny to wear long ear locks and […]