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But I haven’t been blogging. I’m not sure how many hours I spent on airplanes over the last couple months, but it’s more than I care to calculate. The airplane time, coupled with the fab iPad birthday gift have led me to be above average when it comes to the One Book, One Month Challenge. […]

I finally read a book by Malcolm Gladwell.  Likely prompted by Jeff reading What the Dog Saw.  He hasn’t blogged about it yet (hint, hint) :).  It was good.  Reminded me of an extended version of Radiolab (awesome NPR show/podcast) or a TED talk.  Random cool information that makes you think. Ironically, this book is […]

This book is awesome.  I had been referencing it for awhile before I even read it, so I figured it was time to actually see what it had to say.  I was also prompted by hearing Steve Corbett speak a couple months ago.  I have been inspired to give a presentation on it myself at […]

I must start by thanking Amazon for recommending this book to me. I likely never would have discovered it otherwise. I was finally replacing my Rent DVD that was stolen during The Great Break In of 2008, when this little gem popped up on my screen. So I decided to see if Amazon really knows […]

Don’t let the creepy cover deter you. I love this book a lot. Here are a few reasons why: It is the perfect length for flying from Indy to Phoenix to Reno. Tina Fey is an awesome, hilarious writer who is not afraid to poke fun at herself. One of the chapters is called, “Peeing […]

A surprisingly quick medical-y read.  I have had this on my bookshelf for awhile (thanks to my brother) but recently was given an article written by Gawande on my Geriatrics rotation that was really good so I figured I’d pick this one up.  Maybe I should’ve been reading other articles for my Geriatrics rotation instead […]

Last week I ran my second half-marathon. This one went better than the first, but I’d still like to be able to run faster. I saw a training plan based on these principles and decided to read the book. The premise behind the book is that by running less miles at a higher intensity and […]