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This is one that I feel a little bit like I am cheating.  It was only 80 pages and it is a play so it is a really quick 80 pages.  But it was a pretty darn good 80 pages.  I had seen a portion of the movie a couple years ago in school and […]

This book is a little crazy.  I’ll just start off with that.  Yet, it was about a boy who loves maps.  I love maps.  Perfect.  This boy was quite a bit more obsessed than myself however.  I can get stuck in an atlas for 20 minutes on a roadtrip.  This kid was stuck for life- drawing […]

I picked this book up after reading about it in People Magazine. It’s the story of a lifelong friendship of 11 women who grew up together in Ames, Iowa. Despite a bit of a slow start and some confusion in trying to keep straight all the different characters in the book, I ended up really enjoying […]

Alright, so now it’s my turn to add a couple cents of my own to the coinage that’s already been collected about this book. I’m not going to resummarize the plot or recycle the commentary that’s already been posted (for that, just click here or here). Instead, I’ll just say that I enjoyed it and […]

So, in a moment of uncertaintly following completion of my multi-month journey through The Lord of the Rings, I decided to pull off of the bookshelf I have probably had for 10 years but had never read.  The book is actually the second book written by  Dave Dravecky (a former pitcher for the San Francisco […]