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I already admitted to reading the first one, so… yeah, I kept reading.  I have now read 2 of 4 of the twilight series.  I wouldn’t be surprised if I end up reading all 4.  But not yet.  It’s like trying not to hear about Lost with all the movies coming out. I was warned […]

I’ll keep this short since I know it’s not something you’re going to run to the bookstore, er, Internet, to purchase. In just six short weeks, I’m heading to Asia to experience this Tokyo Disney phenomenon. The ever-educated traveler, I wanted to learn more about my destination. Sadly, this is the only book I could […]

Here I go again, reading and posting about a book that has already been read.  Sorry. I really liked this book.  It took me a little getting in to but then I sat and read the last 150 pages, of 250, in basically one sitting.  As Jeff has discussed previously, this book is another Don […]

Shoot. I did it again. I got completely into this book and was up until 1 am reading, complete with Kleenex in hand. I always think it sounds really cliche when people say things like, “I laughed. I cried.” But friends, that’s what happened when I read this book. If you’ve known me for any […]