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I know Jeff just blogged about this book, so I won’t write much, but I thought this book was really really good.  If you know the style of Donald Miller I feel it a little odd to call it amazing, but I kind of think it was.  Other than the fact that it makes me […]

This book is awesome.  I had been referencing it for awhile before I even read it, so I figured it was time to actually see what it had to say.  I was also prompted by hearing Steve Corbett speak a couple months ago.  I have been inspired to give a presentation on it myself at […]

A lot of us at Traders Point have or are reading this.  It was sort of a homework assignment.  We read it as a life group and just finished the study a couple weeks ago.  I had pretty high expectations considering the church gave us the book and our pastor seems to think pretty highly […]

Yikes. My last book blog post was over nine months ago. “He ought to be ashamed,” you’re thinking. Yes, I ought. But if any book would be worthy of bringing me back into the blogging world, this would be it. I thoroughly enjoyed this tale of wander and wonder. Donald Miller recounts the story of […]

I must start by thanking Amazon for recommending this book to me. I likely never would have discovered it otherwise. I was finally replacing my Rent DVD that was stolen during The Great Break In of 2008, when this little gem popped up on my screen. So I decided to see if Amazon really knows […]