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This is my first post from my phone, hope it works. This was a great book, much better than I expected! I have read some dry long nonfiction about Africa that feels like a duty more than a pleasure. But this book I couldn’t put down! (Well unless a child was screaming or something and […]

This was sort of one last chance for Barbara Kingsolver for me.  I loved The Poisonwood Bible and then didn’t love Flight Behavior as one of my more recent posts explains.  For me, this was more like the Poisonwood Bible.  Not sure where the other book came from- written differently and completely different tone it […]

  This book was fantastic.  It was very inspiring to do love better.  The author, Bob Goff, has a pretty amazing life, but writes about it in a refreshingly mundane way- in a way that makes you *almost* think you can also fly around the world and do some pretty awesome things.  Or have a […]

It has been a long time since I posted, and frankly, since I finished a book.  I have started several and just not gotten through.  Which is probably the main reason I actually finished this one, despite it not being all that great.  I figure I have to do about 3/month the next several months […]

  I got the idea to read this book from this blog- from Steph reading it awhile back- thanks!  It is even getting a new category: chic lit.  Guess I don’t read much of that to have needed the category before… This is the third (I believe) and last (I believe) in the Sisterhood of […]

Well, if you follow our other blog at all, then you know we have entered the parenthood stage of life.  So my reading selection is going to start looking like this sometimes.  This book was our last ditch effort to know what to do when our little girl came.  Well, she’s here and we’ve tested […]

This book has been somewhat popular recently I think.  It is nonfiction, hence it took me a bit longer to get through.  It is about the building and celebration of the World’s Fair in Chicago in the 1890s.  Jeff and I were just thinking about the World’s Fair when we were in Memphis- at some […]