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This Won’t Hurt a Bit, by Dr. Michelle Au, MD, was a long-awaited read for the followers of this Columbia-trained anesthesiologist’s witty blog, .   Au originally created the blog early in her medical training to  illustrate and make light of the good, bad, and ugly of medical training.  A former humor columnist at her […]

Ever traveling but always waiting, this book was finally read to completion on my vacation.  The length of time it took to complete should not reflect the quality of its content.  I found this book, the third in a streak of best-sellers, insightful and compelling. Gladwell explores “the story of success” (also the tagline of […]

Jordan here.  Remember me?  It’s been a shamefully long time since I have posted, so here is my peace offering… Can You Drink The Cup? is becoming a yearly read for me.  Though its message covers the calendar, this book was especially poignant for me around Easter this year because of Nouwen’s use of the […]

“But I found out everybody’s different – the same kind of different as me.  We’re all just regular folks walkin down the road God done set in front of us” Inspiring as it is heart-rending, this New York Times “Bestseller” re-tells the true story of three disparate lives intersected.  Ron Hall, a wealthy art dealer […]

I appreciate that many of you are reading this book right now (or intending to), so feel free to leave your comments on the book as well or make another Crazy Love post when you have finished the book. In the same line of Steph’s review of Just Do Something, this book was for me […]

Although perhaps not the most uplifting book to read right before I begin my internship in pediatrics, I was bound and determined to read this book that had been screaming from my shelf for a couple of years. In this classic about “the making of a doctor,” Dr. Robert Marion takes the reader month-by-month through […]