Several Books by Jodi Picoult


So after reading The Pact, I thought that I would raid my friend’s shelf for the rest of her Jodi Picoult books. 😉 With summers off work and an immense love of reading, I was able to knock out these three books in very little time. In my opinion, none of these three even compared to The Pact, but they were all good reads anyhow.

The one thing that I did not expect was how similar the books are to one another. Sure authors generally stick with the same genre, but after reading five of her books, they are extremely predictable. All of them give you something to think about and are about controversial topics. However, I was able to pick the way they would end each time. All three of these books (as are the other two that I have read) center around someone being arrested and that person’s court case.

Of these three books, my favorite was Nineteen Minutes. It is about a school shooting and how everyone’s life changed in the nineteen minutes it took for this kid to committ this horrendous crime.

Plain Truth and Salem Falls would probably tie. I didn’t really like one better than the other. Plain Truth takes place in Lancaster County, PA and is about the Amish. A baby is found dead in a barn and an Amish teenager is arrested for his murder. Salem Falls is about a man who was wrongly convicted of rape, but gets out after 8 months. He moves to Salem Falls where is he again accused of rape. Witches and paganism play into this book a bit.

I enjoyed these books, but I think I am done with Jodi Picoult for the time being. Hopefully I can post again soon!

(posted by Wendy)


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  1. 1 Jordan Huskins

    Dang, Gina…you are on a roll. I wish I was as efficient in my summer reading! Glad you are having some pleasure reading time, Wendy! Happy Summer!

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