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This is my first post from my phone, hope it works. This was a great book, much better than I expected! I have read some dry long nonfiction about Africa that feels like a duty more than a pleasure. But this book I couldn’t put down! (Well unless a child was screaming or something and […]

  This book was fantastic.  It was very inspiring to do love better.  The author, Bob Goff, has a pretty amazing life, but writes about it in a refreshingly mundane way- in a way that makes you *almost* think you can also fly around the world and do some pretty awesome things.  Or have a […]

Well, if you follow our other blog at all, then you know we have entered the parenthood stage of life.  So my reading selection is going to start looking like this sometimes.  This book was our last ditch effort to know what to do when our little girl came.  Well, she’s here and we’ve tested […]

This book has been somewhat popular recently I think.  It is nonfiction, hence it took me a bit longer to get through.  It is about the building and celebration of the World’s Fair in Chicago in the 1890s.  Jeff and I were just thinking about the World’s Fair when we were in Memphis- at some […]

The last book of my reading tirade.  Just trying to stay up on my one book/month average and that 670 pager and boards got me behind!  So, as I mentioned this one was one with real pages and binding and all that literary greatness.  Except that’s about where the literary greatness of this book ended.  […]

I was busy reading this last week because we went on vacation!  Lots of sun and sand in Marco Island, FL.  I actually read this book and the one I will post next (The Late, Lamented Molly Marx) at the same time because this one was on the kindle on the ipad but I didn’t […]

This book was really fabulous.  I would rank it up there with Gabriel Garcia Marquez, who is my favorite author.  It is written by a doctor and has a fair amount of medical stuff in it, but it is not written for health professionals by any means. It follows the life story of a man […]