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I’m still in fiction, but I feel that I might be heading out of it after this book.  Not really anything against the book, it just left me wanting something more substantial (so maybe that is something against this book).  It was decent.  I felt like the author wanted to write about a group of […]

Perhaps you’re a guy, and you find yourself at a bookstore because secretly you enjoy reading, but you are dismayed because it seems that every book that lines the shelves and makes it to the bestseller list is geared towards women (or at least has a very feminine looking cover). Do you want to be […]

Disclaimer: Let’s not make any assumptions based on the fact that I read this book! Margaret Schwartz published a collection of her journal entries written as she went through the adoption process – from the time she began her paperwork through about six months after she brought her children home. A single 43 year-old, Schwartz […]

So after reading The Pact, I thought that I would raid my friend’s shelf for the rest of her Jodi Picoult books. 😉 With summers off work and an immense love of reading, I was able to knock out these three books in very little time. In my opinion, none of these three even compared […]